User Guide and Tutorials : iPhone Backup Software for Windows

In order to backup Apple iPhone to computer, you will need to download iPhone Backup software and install it in your computer. You will also need to install latest version of iTunes. After that you can proceed to make backup of your iPhone contents using the following steps :

How to create iPhone Backup :

Step - 1 :- Download, install iPhone backup software , Connect your iPhone to windows computer

Step - 2 :- Start the program. It will search the iPhone and will list all the files including songs, movies, photos, videos etc

Step - 3 :- Select the files and list that you want to backup to computer

Step - 4 :- Click on 'Export' button. It will ask to select the Export Mode.

Step - 5 :- Select 'Export to Disk Only' to transfer files to computer drive only

Step - 6 :- As it finish transferring files to computer, it will pop up a window saying 'Export Finished'

Step - 7 :- Click on OK button to view the iPhone backed up files